Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Laid off AMD employees eligible for conference discount.

In a kind and considerate gesture, The Austin Conference on Integrated Systems & Circuits 2008 announced a special price for the AMD engineers who lost their jobs in the recent round of layoffs.

The regular registration price is $175, but the ex-AMD employees can register for a student price of $50, which includes admission to the conference, meals, and embedded tutorials. This should be a great networking and learning oppurtunity.

That’s a nice gesture on the part of the conference chair members. Except why limit it to only AMD? Why not also include other companies who have had announced/unannounced layoffs this year? (I know of at least one company where ~8% employees based in Austin were quietly let go, with no press announcement.)

Austin tech sector is in a funk. You only need to look at Freescale, AMD and Dell to realize this.

Disclosure: None