Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interesting videos on the current markets

Five videos for an interesting perspective on things :

  1. The Dow may challenge the 2007-2008 lows from mid-May onwards, according to the charts of Ray Barros, CEO of Ray Barros Trading Group.

  2. Global stocks have been experiencing a rally over the past few weeks, but this is not a bull market, according to Nick Batsford from Hobart Capital

  3. Mohd. El-Erian with Jack Welch:

  4. Jim Bianco, of Bianco Research, interesting discussion that the leaders of this nascent bull market have been of suspect quality. Also touches on quants losing a lot of money (something which Zero Hedge has spoken a great deal about).

  5. Bear-Market Rally to Last into May: Chartist
    When looking at charts for the FTSE 100 index and Dow Jones Industrial Average, Sandy Jadeja from ODL Securities sees a pullback from the recent rally over the next 3 days. But he also sees the current bear-market rally extending into May.


Inq said...

Another technician with theories.. interesting.