Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blog updates and weekend reading.

I’ve made a few changes to the blog:

  • Updated blogroll and news items.
  • Added twitter account information. You can follow me through my blog or on twitter @fundinsights.
  • Added a header and footer info.
  • Added a news sidebar where I’ll be bookmarking any interesting news pieces. (You can track this for real time updates to this list.)

I’ll appreciate feedback on blog layout and any suggestions on improving this.

For this week, you’ll find the following fascinating pieces through the news sidebar:

  • A primer on liquidity and banks (a great read.)
  • David Rosenberg with his Weekly Macro Observations.
  • Clarium Capital’s macro framework for analysing S&P 500
  • The One Trillion Commercial Real Estate Time Bomb.
  • When countries go to zero, and why this hasn’t been priced into the markets yet.
  • John Mauldin’s Quarterly Review and Outlook - First Quarter 2009

Click here, or on the image snapshot, to read the many many other links I’ve bookmarked over the past few days. Enjoy!


market folly said...

hey good stuff keep up the good developments. Just wanted to offer some feedback. There's a few too many colors going on at once... black, white, blue, etc. Its a bit overwhelming on the main page and maybe if you get it down to a two-tone it'd be easier on the eyes?

Just a suggestion though.

Sajal said...

Hi marketfolly! Thanks a lot for your feedback. I actually agree with you.. and will probably change the layout in the near future.