Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Festival Of Stocks #142

Fundamental Insights is excited to host the 142nd edition of the Festival of Stocks. Surveying the blogosphere for the best articles on investing and stocks, this weekly blog carnival highlights the best submissions of the past one week. If a submission was not closely related to investing in stocks it was excluded. Click here to find out more about this festival.

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The DIV-Net website has a very nice review of Bristol-Myers Squibb(BMY) as a possible acquisition target.

Dividend’s Value reviews Illinois Tool Works Inc (ITW)

One Family’s Blog does a stock analysis on Ebay(EBAY) with a good discussion on PayPal

Stock pursuit points out that cheap micro cap oil stock HKN Inc. (HKN) is doing a stock buyback.


Old School news has some insightful reflections on stock market investing.

I take a detailed look at the Dow index, discussing the decreased importance of several low priced stocks in the price weighted index.

Magic diligence on the importance of stock selection in an out of favor sector. "While buying into a sold-off sector is good strategy, buying only the very best players in that sold-off sector is an even better one."

"You cannot simply decide if a company is a good buy or not just by looking at its price." Moolanomy.com on the dangers of penny stock investing for individual investors.

The SmarterWallet on developing an investment plan.


Jeflin suggests taking some profits. He argues that the bears might reassert their presence soon.

Sir Forex reviews the moving average convergence divergence( MACD) technical signal.

Forex and Currencies Explained has a primer on forex scalping.

Does CNBC know what a bid and ask are? You decide after reading this, courtesy the Political and Financial Markets Commentator blog.

Macro News

Harley-Davidson is up 140%+, Winnebago:170%+. Does that mean the recession is over? Mark Perry asks this question.

Reviving animal spirits is a necessary condition to reviving economic growth. Talk Money Blog discusses the role of confidence in recovering from a recession.

Firefinance points out that the current headline inflation numbers have been negative.


Book review: Dividend Growth Investor reviews Dave Van Knapp’s book “The Top 40 Dividend Stocks for 2009”. It would be interesting to get the names for these 40 stocks!

Brokerage reviews: The Money Blue Book Blog reviews TradeKing, Silicon Valley Blogger does the same with Etrade, and CashMoneylife discusses some parameters to use while evaluating online brokerage firms.

Morningstar: Investing school compares the free versus paid memberships at Morningstar.

That concludes this edition of the Festival of Stocks. Submit your blog article to the next edition of festival of stocks using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the Festival of Stocks home page.

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