Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend reading.

Another week, another set of headlines. This week’s bunch is a set of must read articles on the economy and markets.

Articles highlighted include the following:

  • Enjoy the rally while it lasts - but expect to take a sucker punch: Time to get ready for the end of this bear market rally!!
  • How stealing Chrysler threatens our markets : Chrysler bankruptcy could be game changing in how investors perceive risk. Watch out for the political risk!
  • An Unprecedented Earnings Collapse: We’ve never had this kind of earnings collapse before.
  • The Bear Puts On Some Weight: Great technical analysis courtesy Michael Kahn
  • Deep Thoughts From Bob Janjuah: Where and how the markets will shape up for the rest of 2009.
  • Technical talk: Nasdaq in correction mode: Interesting commentary on the Nasdaq.
  • Treasury Bonds - Buying Opportunity? : Bullish signals on the treasury.
  • Meredith Whitney : “I call this the great government momentum trade”: Meredith Whitney calls this rally one giant head fake.
  • A Return to Trend Growth in 2010? : Why it won’t happen.

For insights into the next week and articles worth reading, be sure to check out

Or Follow the link below:

MarketWatch: Dow 4,000 Still in the Cards.
"Peter Eliades of Stockmarket Cycles says the Dow still could retreat to 4,000. He feels that the current range at the 8,400 level is an important benchmark to watch."

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